Luxury Handmade Wear

Founded in 2008 by Gilbert Ngobeni, Urban Suave is one of the first and leading custom clothiers in South Africa.

Since its inception, Urban Suave has been positioned as an exclusive brand for discerning customers with appreciation of the old tailoring traditions.

At Urban Suave, we offer our discerning customers pure bespoke suits made completely by hand in South Africa. We are also renowned for our high-end made-to-oder shoes handcrafted in Naples, Italy.

Urban Suave also specialises in pure bespoke shirts made from some of the finest fabrics that the industry can offer. Just like with our bespoke suits and MTO shoes service, we offer our customers an impeccable personalised style and fit.  

From the Founder 

I founded Urban Suave on the premise that luxury, efficiency, and style can come together. Whether you take time to have a cigar and cognac whilst you pick your fabrics and styles, or you’d like a quick consultation with one of our style agents, the outcome is the same: Luxury and Timeless Style.

For many years, in my journey as a Management Consultant and Entrepreneur, I have found a clear separation of the errands, the contemplation, the relaxation and the stimulations of day to day life. I thus endeavoured to create a collection of beauteous simplicity that combines both factions of my world quite effortlessly. 

I gladly and personally present familiar & new fabrics from lands most exotic, designed for the essentially & inherently divine in all you do.

I also present to you my sartorial experience gained through my travels and interactions with professionals from various backgrounds and diverse industries. It is through this experience that I got  to appreciate the value of investing in one's image. I took my experience in business,  earned accreditations in luxury goods and created a sanctuary from the city that is equipped to address the image requirements of every dandy.

It is a great pleasure to share this experience and passion with you. 

Yours in style,

 Gilbert Ngobeni